Stop trying to convince your cat she should do it, or trying to train her to use people’s bathroom, it is not going to happen. Accept your fate, o chosen one, and start looking for the best cat litter scoop for everyday use.

Best Cat Litter Shovels in 2020

  1. DuraScoop Jumbo Cat Litter Scoop with All Metal End-to-End with Solid Core (BEST SELLER)
  2. CO-Z Cat Litter Scoop Solid Aluminum Alloy Sifter Deep Shovel with Flexible Long Handle (BUDGET FRIENDLY)
  3. iPrimio Scoop Monster Cat Litter Scooper with 17 Inch Long Handle (BEST WITH MEDIUM LENGTH HANDLE)
  4. Yangbaga Metal Cat Litter Scoop with Deep Shovel (BEST LONG HANDLE SCOOP)
  5. iPrimio Sifter Deep Shovel (COMES WITH HOLDER)
  6. RSVP Endurance Stainless Steel Kitty Litter Scoop (STAINLESS STEEL)
  7. BasicForm – Durable Coated Metal Litter Scooper – Wire Design for Fast Sifting

Every day I’m shoveling…

And every day you shall, my friend, if you want to keep the hygiene of your cat’s litter box on a satisfying level. The caring for your cat’s litter box might not be one of your favorite 5 things to do, or even in a top hundred, but hey, someone has to do it.

And given the fact that you have the opposite thumb for handling stuff and our great ancestors have overcome the usage of tools, and sabretooth tigers didn’t, well, I think you will do the scooping part.

But wait…

We have helped you to find the perfect cat brush, and we will help you again. You will be surprised, astonished and shocked when you realize the plethora of choices you can make while shopping for your best cat litter scoop – the one scoop to rule them all.

And yeah, the kitchen equipment won’t help, it is just going to make things even messier, don’t try it. So, hear our cries as we guide you on a path of choosing the best tool for your needs.

Litter Scoop Types

No, it’s not the little scooter types, as I am sure you mistakenly read the heading. No, we are talking about the types of cat litter scoop, basic subdivision, pros and cons included.

Short handle litter scoop

Short handle litter scoop

The cat litter scoops with short handle offer you a decent amount of precision, meaning you will be able to clean the litter box more accurately. Also, the shorter handle is much more durable, so the risk of breaking it is reduced to a minimum.

However, a shorter handle means you will spend a lot of time bent down, and that can be a killer for your back and leg muscles, especially if you have any health issues.

The shorter handle also means more exposure to the dust and smell coming from the litter box. Of course, you can always reduce that risk by simply using the best low dust cat litter and the litter for amazing odor control.

Long handle litter scoop

Long handle litter scoop

A cat litter scoop with the long handle is a sight for your sorrow back. The long handle means no more bending over to clean, which is pretty awesome for the movement-impaired cat owners,  and no more inhaling the foul stench of your beloved pet’s excrement.

But, unfortunately, that also means less precision when you scoop, and the longer the handle, the more breakable it is. Also, the long handle litter scooper takes a decent amount of storage space.

Litter scoop with bag or holder

Litter scoop with bag or holder

The scoopers with bag compartment offer much easier cleaning because of automatic bagging the dirty litter. You don’t have to touch or even smell the litter.

Just scoop it, shake it a little, the clean litter goes back to the box, the foul one goes into the bag compartment. No more spilling the litter around the house, and when you are done with the cleaning, just detach the bag and toss it into the garbage. As simple as it can be, right?

Materials used – with pros and cons, of course

Plastic Cat Litter Scoop – affordable, lightweight and always available

Plastic Cat Litter Scoop

Plastic scoopers are really affordable and come in a glorious variety of colors, shape and designs. They are usually made from recycled (or partly recycled) plastic, and some brands even offer antibacterial and anti-odor coating.

The hardness of the plastic scoopers can vary a lot, from ultrasoft to pretty firm, and the small weight makes them pretty easy to manage. However, even the firmest plastic is a little flexible thus prone to bending and twitching, and that can make the scooping process pretty messy.

The mess can be avoided if you use effective cat litter mats that will save you from getting the floor around the litter box dirty. Also, the plastic is a porous material, and over time prone to damaging and scratching, and the cracks on the plastic are a perfect breeding ground for bacteria and bad odors.

Metal Cat Litter Scoop – durable, sturdy and looks pretty neat

Metal Cat Litter Scoop

Metal cat litter scoopers are usually made from aluminum or steel (stainless, if possible) or various combination of both. The designs vary, from the full metal body design to the addition of rubber or plastic, mostly on the handle.

Some brands even offer the non-stick Teflon coating, which, I must admit, is pretty great, especially when you are dealing with the litter box for multiple cats.

If you are going for the long handle solution, there is even a retractable shaft option, for the longer reach, which is a great help for movement-impaired cat owners. Because of their hard edges, metal scoopers do well even with the most stubborn clumping cat litter.

The downside of the metal litter scoopers is mostly the price, that can be decently higher than the regular, plastic ones. Also, they weigh much more than the plastic ones, and if you have multiple cats, you must consider that fact, too, because you are going to scoop a lot.

How To Choose The Best Cat Litter Scoop

Size and shape

Pick a scooper that’s too big, and you will be less precise than a regular Stormtrooper, and won’t be able to clean the corners. Also, where will you put it after?

With a scooper that is too small, you will unnecessarily spend extra time cleaning, that you could use for anything else because anything is better than cleaning.

The shape of the scooper is mostly important for reaching the corners of the litter box and enabling the fast, precise cleaning. Exotic shapes mostly don’t fo their job and are a trouble to store.

Standard squared edges do the job pretty good, and scraping edges are a must, for a good cleaning of the bottom of the litter box. Scoopers with longer and wider shovel parts allow more litter to be scooped, but of course, it affects the precision of the process.

How enduring is it

Consider the fact that you will be scooping the litter box at least once per day, every day. Add the weekly litter change and unexpected situations in the equation, and what do you get? A whole lot of scooping.

And you will need a cat litter scoop that can withstand all the harassment that you will put her through, all the scooping, scratching, twirling and bending, at least for a few years. So the materials used in a process of making the scoop must be high quality, to ensure you get your money worth.

Non-stick option

Of course, it depends on what kind of cat litter you are using, but the non-stick option in a litter scooper does come pretty handy. The litter sticking on your scooper constantly can make the scooping hard or last longer.

Also, the litter sticking on the scooper presents a hygienic hazard, especially if not properly cleaned after the use. The good metal scoopers are coated with the layer of Teflon, the same material used on the non-stick frying pans.

Hole sizes and shape

The shape of the holes on the litter scoop varies, from standard round to straight openings or squared ones. But the important part is the size of the holes. The size of the holes determines the efficiency of the scooping, depending on the type of litter that you use.

The litter that clumps well should be scooped with the scooper with the bigger holes, but for a litter that doesn’t clump, or disintegrates in very small pieces, you should go with the smaller holes to ensure that you picked every little part.

Where and How to Store a Litter Scoop?

Where and How to Store a Litter Scooper?

Most of the cat litter boxes come with the option of storing the litter scoop ion it, by hanging it on the side.

However, if you want to keep all your scooping accessories in one place and never have to look for that misplaced scoop, get yourself a scoop with a matching caddy, that comes in handy to disguise the scooper. Caddies can even offer antibacterial and anti-odor protection.

Or you can get a scoop holder organizer with several compartments for storing everything you need, scoopers, bags, deodorizers, even excess litter. Pick your preferences based on your needs and of course, the size of your living space.

And now for the money part…

The old saying goes: “Buy cheap, buy twice”, and for a reason. Due to our extended research based on the subject of the cat scoopers, and all the information and user reviews that we studied, our professional attitude is you should go for the high-quality products.

That usually means that they are a bit more expensive than regular ones, but their quality design, sturdiness and the reputation of the top manufacturers and sellers are a guarantee you made the right choice.

Even the most expensive ones don’t cost a fortune, but as a cat owner and a customer, you have the right to demand only the best products for you and your pet.

How To Use the Cat Litter Scooper – One Step at a Time

So, your little furball made a mess in her litter box. Thank the heavens she didn’t make it out of the box, let’s say in your favorite plant or sports shoes, and get to the business. If you don’t, your cat, as proud as it can be, will not use the dirty litter box.

It wouldn’t be a bad idea to use disposable gloves and a face mask, especially if you have any allergies or some breathing issues. Scoop the soiled litter with small, precise movement, and don’t rush. Rush means a lack of precision.

Take a small amount of the soiled litter in the scooper, shake it a bit, so the excess litter falls down to the litter box, and you can place the dirty litter in a sealable bag. Always scoop from the top to the bottom.

Remember, cats can’t stand the very sight of anything unclean, so they can bury their poop pretty deep. Of course, if you got yourself a litter scooper with a bag or holder, you made your life a bit easier.

And if you use a flushable cat litter, just empty the dirty litter straight to your toilet and flush it. Be careful with the amount of the litter that you flush, because flushing too much can clog your drain, so take one flushing at a time.

After you are done scooping, replace the amount of the soiled litter with a fresh one, and clean your cat litter scooper thoroughly. How to clean it? We will teach you in no time.


How To Clean and Maintain a Cat Litter Scoop

Although many brands claim their cat litter scoop is fully dishwasher safe, we wouldn’t recommend it. The cat feces contain all sorts of bacterias and parasites, including Toxoplasma Gondi, a parasite that causes a disease called toxoplasmosis, which can be very dangerous.

I am pretty sure you don’t want that in your dishwasher, and due to that risk, pregnant women shouldn’t ever be scooping the litter box or cleaning the cat litter scoop  Once again, use disposable gloves, a lot of warm water and a neutral detergent or soap.

Never use any stronger chemicals as they might damage the surface of the scooper or catch a sharp odor that your cat will dislike, but feel free to use antibacterial spray. Always dry your scooper, especially the metal ones, and never use a wet scooper to scoop the litter, as it will cause the sticking of the litter.

If your scooper doesn’t have non-stick protection, the handy solution is to use the cooking oil spray, as it works miraculously. When properly maintained, the great cat litter scooper will last you for years and years.

Does and Don’ts To Do with a Cat Litter Scoop


  • Get yourself a high-quality product from renowned manufacturers
  • Give your cat all the love and care she deserves
  • Pick a product that will satisfy all your needs
  • Clean your litter box every day and maintain a proper level of hygiene


  • Go for a random choice, thinking all the scoopers are same, they are not!
  • Try to save a few pennies and end up with lousy, easy-breakable scooper
  • Skip the daily scooping. Your cat will simply refuse to use the dirty litter box
  • Watch the movie “Cats” (2019). Seriously, it is really bad, it has a 2,8/10 score on the IMDB.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where to store your litter scooper?

Never throw it on the floor casually or push it under the sink. First, it’s quite unhygienic and second, you will misplace it. Most of the litter scoopers come with a small attached hook, to hang it on the side of the litter box.

However, there are quite a  few other options. You can always get yourself a nice wall holder, with easy installation. There is a wide choice of customized scooper holders, in all sorts of funny shapes.

You can even get yourself an all-in-one multi-purposes scooper holder, with lots of space to put every piece of cat equipment that you need. Also, like a homemade solution, you can always put your litter scooper in a zipper bag, to prevent any odors or bacterias coming from it.

Are litter scoopers with teeth reliable?

They can be really useful, especially when it comes to scraping the bottom of the litter box, as their shape enables them to scrap more thoroughly.  Although, they will require more maintenance, as the feces can easily get stuck on the scooper teeth.

How many cat litter scoopers do I need?

If you have several cats with different litter, litter boxes and pooping habits, you might need a few more scoopers, to cover any type of “accidents”.

However, if you have one pet, the best thing to do will be to acquire one really good cat litter scooper for everyday use, and one spare, just in case. You can’t have too many scoopers, and if you think you have, donate some of them into your nearest pet shelter.

Conclusion About Scoops – You can handle the scoop

Scooping your cat’s litter box isn’t fun or enjoying but is highly necessary, for the health of your pet and keeping the floors and plants in your house poop-free. It is a standard daily routine that you will get used in no time, especially if you are equipped with the right tool.

Through these detailed articles, we have shown you all the little things that you have to consider when choosing the best litter scooper which will suit your needs. Feel free to check out more of our great articles about pet care and equipment and contact us if you have any questions regarding your pets.

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