Best Elevated Dog Bowls for Dogs of All Sizes

Have you ever wondered why you do not leave your plates on the floor when it’s time for dinner?

The same way you should desist from keeping your dog’s plate/bowl on the floor.

Why make your dog eat off the floor? Be nice enough, and especially save yourself the stress of picking up food crumbs left behind after eating.

Hence, get your pooch an elevated feeding platform. In essence, elevated dog bowl is a way to give your dog a dignified eating experience, and in a comfortable manner.

Yes, it’s high time you started giving your pooch a royalty treatment.

All dogs, irrespective of their breeds, should benefit from these incredible elevated and raised food dishes.

Many dogs will benefit from a raised dog bowl during dinner. And there are several elevated dog bowls in the market you can select from.

What is an elevated/raised dog bowl?

Elevated dog bowls are feeding materials that let pet owners make their dog’s feeding habits more comfortable, healthy and dignifying.

With elevated dog bowls, you can treat your dog like a family friend. Feeding all dogs are different in terms of food and the way the dogs feed.

Many dogs struggle with their food when their bowls are left on the floor, and many more of them can benefit from raised dog bowls. The market boasts of many raised dog bowls.

If you desire to give your pets easy access to food and water, then a raised bowl is the best option.

These models guarantee better feeding, and their raised position facilitates easy and fast digestion. In case your dog experiences health issues with its esophagus, a raised feeding bowl will ensure efficient and easy feeding.

That way, there will be no abnormal accumulation of food.

What is an elevated or raised dog bowl

Benefits of using elevated non-spill dog bowls

Elevated dog bowls are specially designed to produce tons of benefits for you as pet-owner and for your pup.

While the biggest dog toys are significantly beneficial to your pooch, the following are the advantages of getting your dogs a non spill dog bowl or elevated dog bowl.

Minimized Pain for Arthritic Dogs

Generally, older dogs are believed to have certain medical conditions that make feeding difficult for them.

This is what elevated bowl prevents. It ensures that eating is made easier for all dogs.

For example, arthritic dogs or the ones with spinal problems are very likely to eat more easily from an elevated dog bowl.

Ensure a Cleaner Dog Eating Area

If you are tired of picking the left-overs of your dog’s food from the floor every now and then, or perhaps you do not even have the time to do all those timely and scheduled cleaning; an elevated feeding dish helps keep your dog’s eating area in perfect shape- clean and healthy.

In other words, food crumbs will certainly spill out of any bowl but with some elevated bowls or raised dishes, the food bits would be trapped under the bowl.

With that, you can see the food debris easily and clean them up more effectively.

Benefits of using elevated non-spill dog bowls

Easy Maintenance

Another advantage is that it is very easy to fill and empty an elevated food dish because you do not have to go all the way down to access them.

This is not your dog’s problem anyway, but you also do not want to make things unnecessarily hard for yourself.

Older dog owners or disabled ones would find this more valuable.

Cleaner Bowls

With elevated dog bowls, less hair, dust and debris will be trapped in your dog’s dish.

No one would let their child feed off the floor even if it is the finest of floors because they are filled with bacteria.

Therefore, raising your dog’s food bowl some height above the ground will help keep the food and bowl cleaner.

Adjustable Height

Some models are designed to let you adjust the height of the platform so that it can accommodate your dog while it grows.

These models can be useful for vet offices, groomers, breeders and others that care for many dogs.

Improved Posture

Non-elevated bowls are difficult to use because when your pets feed from them, their necks are bent, and in an uncomfortable position.

Ideally, eating should be done in proper posture. This works well with large dogs. An elevated dog bowl makes your dog’s eating times very enjoyable and comfortable.

They are even more recommended for dogs with medical conditions and for older dogs.

Materials of Elevated Dog Bowls

The best elevated feeders are constructed from high-grade stainless steel.

This is because of its high resistance to rust, coupled with its durability property.

In addition, the feeder’s stand is best made from hard plastics or some hardwood.

Materials of Elevated Dog Bowls

Relationship Between Bloat in Dogs and Elevated Bowls

The general dog-tool market boasts of the biggest dog toys. Yet, elevated dog bowls are as much vital and stress-saving.

In light of this, bloat is a medical condition that occurs when a dog’s stomach rotates along its axis. In which case, the stomach twists itself such that gases and fluids are trapped inside.

It is medically known as gastric dilation and volvulus (GDV) or gastric torsion. Bloat is a typical emergency condition that requires surgery and other supportive measures to treat the shock.

The complications are quite common among dogs and dogs that are promptly treated might still end up passing away. This makes the condition a very critical one.

Now, regardless of the intensity of the issue, the reason for bloat is elusive but the following reasons are associated with it:

  • Giant breeds suffer more from bloat than small or medium-sized dogs.
  • According to research, 20% of dogs with 99 pounds and above will suffer bloat at a point in their lives.
  • Deep-chested breeds like the German shepherds, Dobermans and Great Danes are common victims of bloat
  • Dogs that gobble down their food will end up swallowing a lot of air in the process of eating or gulping down water. These dogs are more likely to be bloated than the slow eaters.
  • Dogs that eat too much are also likely to suffer from bloat than those that eat smaller or bit-by-bit meals.

More so, veterinarians are yet to decipher how to completely eradicated bloating in dogs. And quite impressive so far, some strategies are recommended to help reduce the possibility of stomach-twisting.

Some of these methods are: feeding dogs smaller meals spread throughout the day, preventing rigorous activity for your dogs after meals, and others.

Features of a Great Elevated Dog Bowl

Many dog owners are not aware of the importance of elevated dog bowls.

They are, of course, beneficial to the different breeds of dogs and their respective owners.

Some of the features that make you consider using an elevated dog bowl are:

Adjustable Height

Features of a Great Elevated Dog Bowl

Elevated dog bowls come in different heights. It is therefore important to get one with the right height for your pet.

If too low, it won’t serve any purpose, and if too tall, it may add to the stain on their joints and neck.

To get the right height for them, measure the dog’s height from the floor to the shoulder.

Experts say you should subtract seven inches from the measurement to get the feeder’s height you need. In essence, a great elevated dog bowl would come with an adjustable height feature.


Any raised dog bowl you choose must be stable and durable. If the bowl moves while the dog is feeding, the effectiveness of the feeding system will be compromised, and cause a lot of mess.

A raised dog bowl with non-slip feet helps keep the system intact during feeding, and especially to prevent scuffing and scratching the floors.

Size and Shape

The bowl’s size is dependent on your dog’s eating habits. Their face shape is another consideration too.

If you are the type that feeds your dog smaller meals on regular intervals, a smaller bowl is fine.

Deeper bowls are often recommended for larger dogs and those with long snouts. A shallow bowl is more appropriate for snub nose dogs.

Number of Bowls

Number of Raised Bowls

It is imperative that you give your dogs a source of freshwater at all times. Especially when you feed them dry food.

Many raised dog bowls have two bowls for food and water to be made available at the proper height.

A one bowl system means or requires that you have to consider or make special provisions to place their water.

Storage Space

Many food stations have a storage-box kind of structure to make the food inside easily accessible for your dogs.

Meanwhile, these kinds of units have a flat bottom which has a disadvantage of trapping moisture, mold and bacteria just like a food bowl placed on the floor.

Ideally, elevated food bowls must exude a unique feature of storage compartments which holds the dog’s food or keeps the bowls in place when not in use.

This is of no concern to your dog. It is just something that will make your life a lot easier.


Elevated dog bowls come in different designs. These designs make them compliment your home decor someway. Some models are made with wrought iron, and others are made with aged copper or exotic hardwoods.

You are also likely to see some in hanging shapes and other dog-inspired artwork. In its simplest design, an elevated feeding bowl comprises a small box that has a food bowl resting on its top.

Many elevated feeding stations feature other things though, to improve the aesthetics and functionality. Put in mind that these considerations are only for aesthetics. But then, a stylish dog bowl does not hurt.

Non slip

When compared to elevated dog bowls, non-elevated bowls are more prone to skidding and spillage. Many times, elevated bowls are designed with the top consideration of balance in mind.

Their design therefore includes non-slip insets that keeps the bowls in position during feeding. Also, it ensures that there is little or no mess, and a pretty quiet and clean eating environment.

Does Spending More Mean More Quality?

Spending to get value should be your priority as a dog owner. In other words, for whatever elevated dog bowl you would get, make sure it is one that serves the actual purpose of feeding your dog in a comfortable manner.

Meanwhile, that you spend so much on a feeding platform does not always mean you have made the best choice.

Work with your budget and go for the one which gives you value for your money. That, in essence, equals quality.

Cleaning and Maintaining a Dog Bowl

It is recommended that you keep all feeding apparatus clean with a damp sponge and warm water basically. Once you wipe the feeder down with this, dry it with a clean towel.

Make sure you do not use abrasives or scouring powders because these materials have the potential to scratch the surface of the bowl.

Having done all these, you will be protecting your dog bowls against any ant-infestations.

Dos and Don’ts of Dog Bowls

Dos and Don’ts of Dog Bowls

Having said that the most attractive elevated dog bowl platforms must be clean, of modern design and made from strong wood, you have a responsibility to take care of your dog bowls the same way you handle some of the biggest dog toys.

The basic rule is that you keep the elevated dog bowls in an absolute hygienic condition, and go for lightweight, durable and naturally bacteria-resistant products, especially those made from stainless steel.

Also, such types allow for easy cleaning. One thing you must not do is to prioritize aesthetics over purpose in making a great choice.

Also importantly, since there are some potential dangers associated with raised food bowls, especially issues like bloat; it is paramount that you seek professional advice from veterinarians before choosing an elevated dog bowl.

Not only that, in case the pet has some type of health issue that requires using an elevated feeder, stick to the vet’s suggestions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I determine the correct height?

It is best to keep the top of your elevated dog bowl at the same level as the lower chest of the dog.

This is to prevent them from stretching upwards or lowering their necks. Before getting a raised bowl, first, measure your dog while standing.

Then, measure from the floor below the dog’s front paws to the dog’s shoulders. Then, take away 6 inches from the measurement.

How do I determine the correct size?

To determine the ideal bowl size, fill the current feeding bowl with water. After that, match its capacity to your preferred elevated bowl’s.

Can a raised dog bowls cause bloat?

Other than giving dogs smaller meals, and making sure they take it easy after dinner, it is recommended that dog owners who are susceptible to bloat should feed their pooch from an elevated dog bowl.

According to a journal issued in 2000 by the American Veterinary Medical Association, about 20-52% of cases of GDV among the large breed and giant breed dogs were because of a raised feeding bowl.

Some vets thus advise that bloat-susceptible breeds should not be fed from elevated dog bowls.

Drawing from these contradictory opinions, discussing with a vet and following their recommendations would be the best option here.

How to ant-proof dog bowls

As you have with the best indestructible dog toys, which are must-have for your dogs, a lot of times, you are advised to get removable and washable feeding bowls especially the types that have stainless steel feeding bowls, dishwasher safe and help reduce the risk of bacteria growth with time.

Like you would with some of the best indestructible dog toys you previously purchased for your pets, look out for the material the stand is made from- choose durable molded plastic which is easy to clean.

In case you choose a wooden stand, make sure you go for one sealed with a waterproof sealant.

This will make cleaning easier and eliminate the risk of food particles being absorbed in the wood. That way, your dog bowls would be made ant-proof.


Having reviewed the different best elevated dog bowls, you now know how rational and lovely it is to keep your dog in good health, especially by modifying its feeding pattern.

Now, you can make a great choice among these elevated feeding bowls. For proper maintenance of your pet’s health, it is extremely important that you feed your dog according to their body requirements, and energy levels.

You will be doing them a lot of good when you make their mealtime easy and painless. Generally, dogs eat twice a day, but because they do many activities, they burn calories faster.

Also, since dogs are likely to suffer from joints pin with age or by accident. Therefore, providing food at an elevated level is a blessing for them.

This is what elevated dog bowls provide. Moreover, when food goes down the digestive tract more efficiently, digestion becomes easy and fast.

If you have any question feel free to ask them in the comments below.

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