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If you share your home with one or more cats, you are probably aware that they do not like the cold. Cats can get the chills just like us and are usually quite sensitive to sudden changes in temperature.

The low temperatures, in general, can cause numerous health complications from a simple cold to the risk of hypothermia. Therefore, owning plenty of beds and warm blankets for your cats to curl up in is very important.

If so, the best heated cat bed should be taken into account when you want to offer your pet a cozy and comfortable shelter.

What is a heated cat bed?

The name “heated bed” might help you imagine what this bag is about. It has a heating system or heating pad to make the bed warm so that your pet can lie on it to avoid chilly days.

What is a heated cat bed

What are the benefits of using a heated bed for a cat?

A heated cat bed can help your cat feel warm

Of course, the most important use of this kind of bed is to offer your cat a cozy bed to lie on cold days. Cats with no or thin hair are the most suitable for a heated bed in winter.

It can come in handy a lot at the time you do not want to turn on your house’s heating system.

A heated cat bed can help to soothe achy joints of old cats

A warm bed can also have a function to relieve the pain of your pet. As the cat gets older, painful joints become more common, especially in winter. So this kind of bed will not only help the cat feel comfortable but also alleviate arthritis pain and ease joint discomfort.

In addition, for a cat that is sick or is convalescing after a sickness or an operation, giving a warm bed for it will help him to relax and push the recovery.

Types of heated cat beds

Electric bed

Electrically heated cat beds have an electrical heating part that plugs into an electrical outlet Simply, it uses electricity to generate warmth. One advantage of the electric bed is that you can turn on and off every time you like.

When your cat goes out and does not need to use the bed, you can turn off the heating system by cutting the power off. However, when using the electric bed, there is a vital point that you should take into consideration.

Check whether your pet has a tendency to chew the items or not. Because this type of bed directly uses electricity to work, if the cat chews electrical parts, it will be dangerous.

Self-heating bed

This type of bed is made of materials that absorb and reflect heat that is radiating from your cat back to it. Your cat may take a longer time to realize the benefit of a self-warming bed in comparison with an electric cat bed.

But with this type of bed, you can feel safer because it works naturally without electricity.

Heat-reflecting bed

This type of bed is designed with a Mylar or other similar fabrics within itself. It is a material that does not absorb the heat but reflects it on the pet’s body which helps it to stay warm.

Bed with a removable heating pad inside

Bed with a removable heating pad inside

It is a bed with an inside heating pad instead of padding inside. Its benefit is that it is removable in case of cleaning or changing the damaged pad without need of changing or buying the whole bed again.

Indoor and outdoor bed

From the name of the bed – an indoor one or an outdoor one, you can know that each type of bed has its own function. Usually, the indoor or outdoor bed has almost all the features in common, but the bed for outdoor use will be upgraded with more characteristics.

If the bed is designed specifically for outdoor use, it tends to be water-resistant and has strong power cables.

How To Choose The Best Heated Cat Bed

How To Choose The Best Heated Cat Bed


Because it is the bed for your pet, the materials of it play a key role in the quality of your cat’s relaxing and sleeping time. You should buy a bed made from natural fabrics such as cotton, wool, or leather.

These materials not only help your cat feel comfortable but also prevent an allergic reaction. Also, the bed should be washable because day by day, it will contain bacteria, fur or fur. So selecting washable materials is advisable so that you can clean the bed easily.


Choosing a bed that fits your cat nicely can give your cat a sense of comfort and enjoyment. You need to measure the size of your cat first by using a flexible measuring tape.

Depending on the size, choose a proper bed which is warm and not too small for your pal. Also, you need to take the height of the bed into account. Some beds will have high vertical to make your cat feel more convenient, especially for a kitten or old cats with moving issues.


Comfort is one of the most crucial criteria to value one thing. You need to consider the mobility level of your pet its stage of life to buy a comfortable bed for it. For instance, an old cat will like a thicker, orthopedic bed with a low entry lip, while a kitten will not.


Selecting the style of the bed is also necessary. Besides deciding between the electric one and the self-warming one, you also think about the form of the bed such as a flat one, a cave-style one or a cup-style one.

Each of the shapes has its own pros. For instance, a cup-style bed has a circular shape and has sidewalls to add more comfort. This bed is a great option for a cat who is in the habit of sleeping curled up in a ball.


Long-lasting durability is one of the most important factors to make a good heated cat bed. The bed which is durable can last a lifetime with reasonable care.

A bed can take a lot of wear and tear if you use it frequently. So, purchasing a durable bed is more economical in the long term.  Besides, consistent use of a heated cat bed is likely to make your cat feel pleasant as it has adapted to that bed.

Power cord length

If you use the electric cat bed, the length of the power cord is very important. It can decide the flexibility of your cat bed. If the power cord is too short, you cannot move it to the places you want in the room or your cat will lie far from you.

In some cases, you also have to add more outlets which are quite inconvenient.


It is a device that keeps the bed within a limited temperature range by automatically switching the supply of heat on and off.

A heated bed cat with a high-quality thermostat keeps the temperature at comfortable degrees, so you don’t need to worry about your pet getting too cold or too hot In the bed when you go out.

Your cat is liable to get inside to snuggle down when the surface of the bed maintains a temperature ranging from 10 to 15°F above the ambient temperature.


The padding of the heated cat bed needs to be soft to make your kitten feel comfortable. It should also be good at storing heat, and easy to remove and wash.

Does spending more means more quality

It is clear that if you spend more money on a product, you can get a more high-quality one with additional features.

For example, when you splurge on a waterproof and pleasantly soft heated cat bed with padding, it is really worth your money because this bed can ensure the safety of your pet as well as bring more comfort and relaxation to it in comparison with basic products that are made of mediocre materials.

As the saying goes: “You get what you pay for”. So if you are looking for a first-rate product, you should be willing to spend more. When it comes to necessary items for cat adoption, the situation is the same.

Purchasing a durable cat backpack carrier, amazing toothpaste for cats, or excellent heated cat bed means that you have to spend more.

How to clean and maintain a heated cat bed or pad

How to clean and maintain a heated cat bed or pad

Taking proper care of the heating products is not as complicated as you are thinking. After a period of time of use, the bed tends to get dirty with your cat’s hair, dust, and other stains.

You need to remove dust and the fur of your cat on a regular basis and before washing the bed. Certain parts of the heated cat bed are washable. The process of washing the bed will vary slightly depending on whether it is an indoor or outdoor bed.

If it is an outdoor bed, wash removable cover with cold water and line dry after that. The procedure for washing an indoor heated cat bed hinges on the style of the bed. If it has a detachable cover, you just need to take the cover out and wash it.

In other cases, you need to unzip the cushion, remove the internal warmer and wash the rest of the bed. Anyway, the bed should be washed with cold water and line dried.

Remember not to employ cleaning liquids or bleach when washing and not to wash the power cord or any cords of the bed.  Finally, you can also keep your cat’s heated bed clean and scented by using excellent litter for multiple cats with low tracking.

Dos and don’ts to do with a heated cat bed

To give you a brief summary of tips for a heated cat bed, we will show you a list of things that you should and should not do when using it


  • Clean your bed frequently.
  • Check whether the temperature is suitable or not.
  • Put the bed close to your cat’s box with fast clumping litter.
  • Remove the fur and dust on a daily basis.
  • Always check the wires of the heating.
  • Add more cover to the cord if you think your cat has a habit of chewing.


  • Decorate your beds with tassels and beads.
  • Locate the heated bed in places that are near water.
  • Use the indoor bed for outdoor use.
  • Let your cat scratch the bed.

Frequently asked questions

Are heated cat beds safe?

The heated cat bed is definitely safe for your pet. However, any heating products need to be supervised for the first several uses because a change in your cat’s safety and behavior can happen really quickly.

The heated bed should be used under supervision to make sure that it works well and does not a malfunction. When you use the electric heated cat bed, there are two factors you need to consider.

First and foremost, although many beds have steel wrapped around the cord to preclude chewing, these measures only make the bed chew-resistant, not chew-proof. Over time, if your cat chews the layer of the cord persistently, it can get through the safety cover and faces the danger of electric shock.

Even if the cat is not electrocuted, damage to the cord can render potential injury in the future, which is very dangerous. Therefore, you need to watch your cat’s behaviors so that you can take reasonable precautions such as adding more covers the cord or training your pet the give up this bad habit.

The second thing you need to take into account is the heat. When using an electrically heated bed, you have to make sure that your cat can be able to get out of the bed if the temperature is too high for them.

Never buy a heated bed that generates the heat in a confined space or in a crate which does not allow your pet to get away from the heat.

For how many hours can I leave a heated cat bed plugged in?

This pertains to many factors such as the design and the model of the bed. But generally, some heated beds are appropriate for the all-day use and they only need unplugging in when you go out more than one day. Some other beds are designed to be plugged in for about 6 to 10 hours.

Will using a cat heated bed rise my electricity bills?

Using a heated cat bed will raise your electricity bills if it is operated by electricity. Self-warming beds do not require electricity so you do not need to worry about this.

You need to calculate the cost of generating a bed to ensure you do not spend too much money and it will not cost beyond your means. It is advisable that you read carefully the information written in the label of each product to indicate the capacity and then estimate the money you will need to pay.

Where should I place the heated cat bed in the house?

You can put the bed of your cat almost everywhere in your house. However, there are many places that are highly recommended such as locating it in a sunny spot. You can place it near the window or equip the best cat window perch so that your cat can expose to natural lights.

Furthermore, excellent cat shelves are also ideal places to put the bed as the cat loves lying in high positions.

I do not live in a cold climate, does my cat need a heated bed?

If you live in a tropical environment whose temperature is above 70 degrees Fahrenheit, then buying a heated cat bed is not necessary for you.

A standard bed with warm cushions and blankets is enough for your cat to get over the winter. If not, a heated cat bed is a wise option that you should try for the benefits of your cat.

How can I make my cat adapt to the new bed?

If you buy a new bed, the cat will usually take quite a long time to get used to it. To speed up the process, there are many ways for you to do:

– Put old items into the bed: You can use old cushions or toys of your cat to attract them to the new bed. This will bring them comfort and make them feel associated with the bed.

– Make it smell like home: Many animals, such as cats and dogs, depending on the smell to recognize things around them. Therefore, eliminating the smell of new items and add similar smells to the bed will help your cat get accustomed to the bed faster.

– Use your hands: One simple method to do this is picking up your cat and place it into the bed. You have to be patient and repeat this action. Gradually, your cat will regard it as it’s their home.


A heated cat bed is a great bed for your pet on chilly days. Cats can sleep about 15 hours a day, which is as twice as people do, so buying a cozy spot for your cat is very necessary to help it get enough sleep and become healthier and more energetic.

I hope this writing can give you useful tips and guidelines to find out the most suitable beds for your cat.

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