It can be said that the very best indoor dog potty  can be extremely easy to clean and of course, does not stink the house up.

What we are going do is figure out what’s the best indoor dog potty is and how to figure out what’s best for your dog and your home.

The majority of dogs are usually house-trained from an early age, making it easier for them to simply go outside when they need to relieve themselves. It is even possible to train your dog to ring a bell when a call of nature occurs.

Top 5 Indoor Dog Potties (Summary)

Fresh Patch Disposable Dog Potty with Real Grass

Fresh Patch

  • Absorbs urine
  • Easy disposal
  • Lightweight
rocket & rex Washable, Puppy Pee Pads. Waterproof, Pet Training Reusable Pads

Rocket & Rex

  • Durable
  • Contains bad odors more efficiently
  • Extremely absorbing
Home-Man Puppy Potty Trainer - Pets Indoor Restroom


  • Odor free three layer system
  • UV resistant material
  • Long lasting collecting tray
Dog Grass Pee Pad Potty - Artificial Grass Patch for Dogs - Pet Litter Box Training Pads

Paws & Pals

  • Leakproof bottom tray
  • Extremely durable
  • Multiple layers for easier cleaning
Indoor Dog Potty Tray – with Protection Wall Every Side for No Leak

PS Korea

  • Base doesn’t slip at all
  • High sides and perforated grate for easier urine drainage
  • No leakage of urine and water on your floors

That being said, if you live in a flat or a home where you don’t have access to a garden or yard, what’s a dog to do when he needs to go and he just can’t wait? What if you have to be out all day leaving your dog all alone at home?

You wouldn’t be expected to wait till the end of the day before you pee, so why would you expect your dog to wait all day before he can relieve himself.

The best solution for this is to get an indoor dog potty. When you have one it can be a good solution where dogs have to be left alone for more than a few hours on a regular basis, or in an emergency.

Or where a dog needs more frequent access to a toileting area.

This is one of the most pertinent tasks for all dog owners, especially when you are trying to housetrain your dog is an important step in properly training your dog.

Moreover, while there are numerous ways to do this, one of the best and most innovative is using an indoor dog potty.

What Is an Indoor Dog Potty and the Benefits of Using It

Benefits of Using an indoor dog potty

As an owner, you want to know why exactly you should make use of an indoor dog potty.

Well, there are numerous benefits associated with it. The benefits are so much that it has actually become one of the most used ways to housetrain your dog.

Prevents Smells

Nothing is as annoying as coming back home and the first smell that hits you is dog urine. It does not matter how nice your home is, once you smell dog pee, it becomes a whole lot less appealing and homely.

Indoor dog potties make it possible for your pet to use the bathroom indoors, without leaving the stench of their waste all over the house.

Any pet owner who has had to deal with an accident their dog made on the carpet, already knows that these messes can be a pain to clean up and the smell does not really disappear right away, lingering for days or weeks.

However, this can all be avoided by simply purchasing a dog potty and training your dog to use it properly.

With normal use, you will not notice a smell coming from your Indoor dog potty. This is because the hydroponic grass naturally neutralizes odours.

The liquid is absorbed into the root bed! With artificial grass, you need to clean them daily in order to get the stink out.

Can Last Up To A Month or More

On the other hand, if you are a busy pet owner, you know for a fact that cleaning up after your pets often takes the time you do not have.

Thankfully, indoor dog potty requires zero maintenance. Just scoop up the solids just like you would on a walk.

Additionally, using grass helps to prevent your dog from getting confused about their outdoor potty training.

The simple use of grass helps to keep your dog on track with their training. Incidentally, indoor dog potty is a type of indoor potty for dogs that uses real grass for dogs.

This will be all the more effective with regards to helping your dog maintain his training to go outside of the house.

Perfect for Cold Weather Conditions

If your dog has an indoor dog potty, you don’t need to worry about going out in the snow or rain!

Your dog will have their personal dog bathroom to use indoors or on your patio! Walking your dog in the freezing cold is not enjoyable! It can also be dangerous.

The salt that is placed down on sidewalks to melt ice is poisonous if ingested by your dog. The summer heat can pose a threat as well.

You should never walk your dog on hot pavement as it can easily blister their sensitive paws!

Get yourself an indoor dog potty such as indoor dog potty when the weather gets harsh and your dog will thank you!

Great for Senior dogs

Some senior dogs can suffer from incontinence problems as they get older.

That means the dog can’t wait as long between urination breaks as he once could, leading to “accidents” in the house, which are distressing for both dog and owner.

The solution to all these pee problems could be an indoor dog potty.

Also Great for Tiny dogs

Some very small breed dogs struggle with toilet training. A tiny bladder holds only a tiny amount of liquid.

Persistent toilet training problems have been shown to be linked to a higher rate of abandonment, where pets are relinquished to animal shelters.

An indoor dog potty can help avoid elimination in inappropriate parts of the home in both tiny dogs and very old dogs.

And may contribute to a better relationship between these dogs and their human companions

Health problems and limitations

Lastly, younger and older dogs tend to have issues with going outside to the bathroom.

On the one hand, younger dogs are still getting trained, and therefore, accidents can be expected. However, owning a dog potty could help fix this issue.

On the flip side, older dogs are known for having health, mobility, and other issues that keep them from venturing outside.

This could lead to frequent accidents, which would obviously wreak havoc on your home.

However, by purchasing an indoor potty for your pet, you will eliminate much of the need to go outside, and therefore, could prevent an array of accidents.

Overall, there are plenty of benefits to purchasing a dog potty for your dog.

Not only can they help eliminate odor and make for a much easier clean-up, but they also help reinforce outside training by incorporating the same grass they’re used to using, into the process.

No matter if your dog is young or super old, dog potty is a way to reduce accidents.

In particular, puppies and senior dogs from having frequent accidents in the house.

That said, if you have any concerns about training your dog now or in the near future, be sure to invest in an Indoor dog potty to help address these issues.

How Does It Work

How Does It Work

Indoor dog potties don’t look anything like human potties, and they don’t need any plumbing.

That means you won’t have to train your pup to sit on the toilet and you won’t need to undertake major building works in your bathroom either.

Most indoor dog potties look like grass in an attempt to encourage your pup to perform on the potty.

You can even buy an actual grass indoor dog potty for an outdoor dog potty experience.

However, most house-trained dogs will some training before they understand that it’s okay to go on the strange patch of grass that’s magically appeared in their homes.


There are several different types of indoor dog potties, all with pros and cons.

Note that all indoor dog potties require cleaning to keep them mess and smell-free.

If you don’t think you can cope with the maintenance aspect of an indoor dog potty, you may need to hire a dog walker instead to take your pup out while you’re at work.

You may find that you need to try several different styles before you find the best indoor dog potty that best suits your pet.

Disposable pads

Disposable pads can be great if you are the type of owner that does not have the time or would rather not have to clean up after your dog.

All you have to do is simply pick up the pad once your dog is done using it and then throw it in the trash.

Reusable pads

Reusable pads are just like disposable pads except for the fact that you can clean them and of course reuse them.

They make a great option for owners that don’t mind getting a little dirty.

Pad holders

Puppy training pads can help avoid unfortunate accidents on the floor when you’re out of the house or can’t give your pup your full attention.

Rather than getting unpleasant stains and odours stuck deep in your carpet, the training pad takes the hit.

Proper use of puppy training pads can help to toilet train your puppy more quickly.

Fresh Grass Indoor Dog Potty Station

A fresh grass indoor dog potty station will be more expensive than other systems, but it will be relatively simple to maintain.

Fake Grass Dog Potties

Fake grass dog potties are often cheaper, but they may require more work to keep odours under control.

11 Best Indoor Dog Potties on the Market

11 Best Indoor Dog Potties on the Market

1. Fresh Patch

With the look of natural grass, Fresh Patch Indoor Dog Potty is both stylish and practical, in addition to being biodegradable and environment friendly.

Its natural look attracts dogs and makes them want to spend most of the day on it. Without any reusable parts, you have to clean or replace often, this product is also disposable.

Lightweight and long-lasting as it is, this potty isn’t too heavy or bulky, so you’ll be able to move it around your home if needed.

It’s suitable for dogs that are up to 25 lbs in weight and absorbs urine and bad odors more efficiently than any other similar product.

Fresh Patch Disposable Dog Potty with Real Grass

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  • Neutralizes bad odor and absorbs urine
  • Biodegradable and lightweight
  • Easy disposal and doesn’t have reusable parts that need to be replaced

  • Price is a bit higher


Unique system with three layers that have the same feeling as natural grass makes PETMAKER Indoor Dog Potty very easy to clean.

They’re all non-toxic and entirely safe for your furry friend. In addition, they prevent bad odors from sticking on the potty since they drain any liquid to the tray at the bottom.

You can remove this grid tray when the time for cleaning comes. On the other hand, the bottom base is also detachable and it’s meant to be cleaned with soap and water only.

The only thing that you might not like is the fact that the product starts to fall apart after a few years, but this is something to be expected from almost all similar products.

Artificial Grass Bathroom Mat for Puppies and Small Pets- Portable Potty Trainer

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  • Antimicrobial, odor-resistant three-piece system
  • Removable grid tray drains to keep the potty clean at all times
  • Detachable bottom base for easy cleaning

  • Tends to fall apart after some time

3. BrilliantPad

Often considered as an alternative to regular indoor dog potties, BrilliantPad features five layers that trap waste and bad odor but are still thin looking.

On a side note, although the manufacturer claims the item is entirely odor free, you’ll probably start noticing the slight bad smell after a while.

However, this doesn’t prevent it from being awesome, especially since it’s super and absorbing. Automatic roll makes the process of changing dirty pads with the clean ones extremely easy without you having to touch the waste at all.

You can adjust the timer to change the pads as fast as you wish. The pad is sturdy and lasts for very long, but it’s mostly for smaller dogs.


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  • Fast absorbing and has a drip lip to prevent spills
  • Made of five durable layers
  • Odor free and has an automatic roll that replaces dirty pads with clean ones

  • Not entirely odor free

4. Rocket & Rex

If you want to save money, but still own a large and durable indoor dog potty, you might want to look at Rocket & Rex.

This product is environmentally friendly and disposes of waste very effectively. This might change and your potty might start leaking after a few years, but you’d have to change any product after some time after all.

Four very absorbing layers make sure that the waste and pee never get to your floors and carpets.

They’re backed with a waterproof backing and don’t contain any of the harmful substances, making it very safe for your pet.

rocket & rex Washable, Puppy Pee Pads. Waterproof, Pet Training Reusable Pads

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  • Extremely absorbing with waterproof backing
  • Contains bad odors more efficiently
  • Durable and spacious

  • Starts leaking after an extended period of use

5. Home-Man

Made of synthetic turf with three absorbing layers, Home-Man Dog Potty is safe and non-toxic, in addition to being UV resistant.

As most of the similar products, it also strives to remain odor free and takes care of your pet’s urine by draining and collecting it in the durable tray.

The first layer resembles the real grass, while the middle part has holes for urine drainage. As you can guess, the final layer is the aforementioned collecting tray.

A design like this works great in keeping your floors and carpets dry since all the waste goes into the bottom base tray and you can easily dispose of it.

Home-Man Puppy Potty Trainer - Pets Indoor Restroom

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  • Improved, non-toxic, odor free three layer system
  • UV resistant material that’s easy to clean
  • Durable, long lasting collecting tray

  • A bit hard to clean

6. SavvyGrow

Safe, non-toxic and looking like natural grass, SavvyGrow Dog Potty is made to be durable and the manufacturer states that it usually lasts between 15 and 25 years with regular use.

The color of the real grass won’t fade away with time and there won’t be the need that you mow, blow, trim or water the potty.

Aside from that, this product is resistant to harsh weather, UV rays and wear and tear. Drainage holes are there to prevent urine from getting on your floors and carpets.

You’ll find this item easy to install and clean. It has a non-slip rubber that doesn’t let urine slide through on your floor.

SavvyGrow Artificial Grass for Dogs Pee Pads - Premium 4 Tone Puppy Potty Training, Easy to Clean with Drain Holes

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  • Corrosion and UV resistant
  • Non-slip rubber backing
  • Drainage holes for quick water and urine absorption

  • Tends to get too hot if you put it in the sun for too long

7. Paws & Pals

Design of Paws & Pals Indoor Potty for Dogs is sturdy and pretty long lasting with multiple layers that make leakage almost impossible.

The top layer is made of synthetic grass, while the bottom tray is meant for collecting waste and urine.

These layers allow for easy cleaning since you can remove them, wipe and rinse off and your pet can use them again.

Inside the pack you get two pads, draining grate and leakproof bottom tray. The only thing you might not like is the upper layer that sheds bristles a little.

Dog Grass Pee Pad Potty - Artificial Grass Patch for Dogs - Pet Litter Box Training Pads

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  • Leakproof bottom tray
  • Multiple layers for easier cleaning
  • Long lasting and extremely durable

  • Synthetic grass upper layer tends to shed

8. PS Korea

Perforated grate on PS Korea Indoor Dog Potty is great for keeping the urine of your pet away from your floors.

With its high sides, it provides plenty of space for your dog to lay on it, while at the same time allowing easier liquid drainage into the last base.

The base of this product is anti-slip which means you won’t have to worry about it moving around even if you have a hyperactive dog.

On a side note, this item might be too small for most of dogs, but for the ones that aren’t, it’s an amazing product your pet is going to love.

Indoor Dog Potty Tray – with Protection Wall Every Side for No Leak

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  • Base doesn’t slip at all
  • No leakage of urine and water on your floors
  • High sides and perforated grate for easier urine drainage

  • Too small for most dogs

9. PetSafe Pet Loo

Uniquely designed and highly absorbent sponge in PetSafe Pet Loo Dog Potty traps urine and other liquids, as well as bad odor and prevents them from getting on your floors.

All the liquids are gathered in the collection bin and you can conveniently throw them when the bin gets full.

Simply remove the bin from the potty, dispose of the waste and attach it back. The cleaning should be performed with water, which makes the whole process a lot easier.

The product resembles real grass and is suitable to take with you in your RV or camper. It’s mostly for smaller dogs, but it can work pretty well for medium sized ones.

PetSafe Pet Loo Portable Indoor/Outdoor Dog Potty, Alternative to Puppy Pads

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  • Absorbs any liquid and prevents bad odor
  • Easy waste disposal
  • Simple to clean with removable collection tray

  • Too high of the floor

10. Giantex

Carefully selected durable materials and weatherproof design make Giantex Indoor Dog Potty long-lasting and convenient to use and clean.

The grass on the upper layer looks really natural and feels soft, which is one of the reasons why your dog is going to love spending time on it.

This is also the layer you can remove to make the cleaning easier. The grid tray underneath is made with drainage holes that lead all the liquids to the bottom tray.

Once the waste gets to the last layer, you can easily clean it by just rinsing it with water.

Giantex Dog Puppy Pet Potty Pad Home Training Toilet Pad Grass Surface Portable Dog Mat

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  • Weatherproog and portable
  • Crafted from premium, durable materials
  • Removable bottom base tray and great drainage holes

  • Only for small puppies

11. Paradise Group

Two essential layers and a well drained tray that collects urine and other pet’s waste, Paradise Group Dog Potty can be removed and cleaned with ease.

Both layers are detachable and resistant to harsh weather conditions. The materials from which are made aren’t toxic and they don’t allow bacteria accumulation.

You can clean the item with warm, soapy water. It also doesn’t allow bad smells to stick around.

However, the top layer made of synthetic grass doesn’t have a natural look at all, which is why this product might not be attractive for your dog.

Indoor Puppy Dog Pet Potty W/Tray Training Pee Pad

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  • Detachable, weatherproof and entirely washable
  • Anti-bacterial, non-toxic and safe for your pet
  • Well drained tray for urine

  • Grass doesn’t look very natural

What makes a great indoor dog potty

Adjustable Height

The best indoor dog potty is one that is at the right height for your dog.

Now the thing is you were to buy an indoor dog potty for your puppy, that puppy is going to grow and you will need to keep replacing it.

So why not get one that lets you adjust its height,


One of the most important things to consider when getting an indoor dog potty is stability.

It is a very important factor to consider as you do not want your dog to be spooked because the indoor dog potty falls apart while it’s using it.

Size and shape

The best indoor dog potty is one that is the perfect shape and size for your dog.

It should not be too small, neither should it be too big. The shape has to be one that makes your dog comfortable.

Easy of cleaning

It should be extremely easy to clean. What use is getting an indoor dog potty if it becomes extremely stressful to clean


It is important that your indoor dog potty doesn’t slip when your dog has to make use of it.

Does Spending More Means More Quality?

Not necessarily, while most people think, the more money you spend, the better quality you get, but there are actually some reasonably priced indoor dog potties can be of great quality.

How To Train Your Dog To Use an Indoor Dog Potty

How To Train Your Dog To Use an Indoor Dog Potty

If it’s difficult for you to take your dog outside, you can teach her to urinate on padding within your home.

This process is called paper training and is used for young puppies or dogs with mobility problems.

Patience, consistency, and positive reinforcement are key to successfully paper training your dog.

Tip 1

Choose a confinement space. Before you begin paper training your dog, you need to select a confinement area where she will be enclosed in while you’re out.

Try to choose the confinement area around where you want your dog to do her business long-term.

If, for example, there’s a small corner of the living room you’d prefer she used for a restroom, confine your dog to that area while she’s learning.

Tip 2

Lay down padding in confinement space. Putting some of her poop onto the pad to show your dog that it’s an ok place to relieve her.

Fence your dog into the area using furniture or baby gates while you’re gone.

Frequently take the dog to the pad. For puppies, you should take them there every 30 minutes.

If the dog is used to toileting outdoors, take a pad with you and encourage her to use it outside so it gets the idea that it’s ok.

Tip 3

Use verbal commands. Dogs respond well to verbal commands. During the paper training process, use commands to indicate where your dog should use the restroom.

When you see your dog sniffing, squatting, or engaging in other behaviours that indicate it needs to go, choose a command.

At first, don’t say the word unless your dog squats as she won’t have a clue what you want.

Then, say the cue word as it is performing and give a reward. Direct your dog to the papered area and reward her with verbal praise and treats when as soon as she eliminates on the padding.

Tip 4

Be consistent. Train your dog every day and in a consistent manner so she doesn’t get mixed messages.

Use the same command words. Continue to regularly use treats while training.

Tip 5

Feed your dog on a schedule. Feeding on a schedule can encourage regular bowel movements.

This means you’re more likely to know when your dog needs to eliminate and properly direct her.

Set a bowl down and give your dog 15 minutes to eat. Remove the bowl, regardless of how much she eats. Your dog will eventually learn to eat on a schedule.

Usually, dogs will need to eliminate about half an hour after eating. Watch your dog during this time and be ready to direct her to the padding.

Tip 6

Gradually increase the size of the confinement area. As your dog begins to understand where it’s okay to eliminate, increase the size of her confinement area when you go out.

Eventually, your dog should understand where she needs to use the bathroom and will be able to have free range of the house when you go out.


How To Clean and Maintain an Indoor Dog Potty

Clean thoroughly. When your dog has an accident, clean up the area where the accident occurred. Also, change pads each time your dog uses them.

Make sure to clean the soiled area right away to avoid drawing the dog back to the same spot. Use a cleaning product that does not contain ammonia or bleach.

Does and Don’ts To Do With an Indoor Dog Potty

Prepare for setbacks. Training your dog to use a pad or papers can be frustrating as dogs often get confused about where it’s appropriate to eliminate.

It might take longer than expected to paper train your dog.

Make sure dogs have enough room to urinate and defecate. If you are going out, increase the amount of padding present as a dog might move soiled padding out of the way and go on the floor.

It’s helpful to somehow mark the boundaries of where your dog can use the bathroom. Low garden fencing or baby gates can be set up to enclose the bathroom area.

Frequently Asked Questions (FA​Q)

How to make indoor dog potty smell free?

Make sure that you clean up right after your dog makes a mess.

This helps to limit the smell so you don’t have to worry about walking into a pee smelling house.

Where is the best place to put indoor dog potty?

One of the best places to place your indoor dog potty is somewhere that makes your dog comfortable.

What this means is somewhere away from prying eyes and of course somewhere that is not unsightly.

How often should I clean indoor dog potty?

You should clean up as often as possible. This means you should not let anything your dog eliminates remain there, especially if it happens to be poop.


These are so many reasons to make use of an indoor dog potty and getting your dog to actually use the indoor potty can be a trial and error process as well.

You might get frustrated when you’re trying to teach your dog to use their new indoor potty.

However, you want to use praise a positive reinforcement to encourage your dog to use their indoor potty.

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