We all love dogs as our pets, and we want them always to be happy and challenged, both physically and mentally.

And at other time we need them to relax and at very least, be occupied with something that will provide us with a little free time.

Luckily there is some pretty good dog puzzle toys that can achieve all these. Challenging your dog first to solve a puzzle before it can get a treat, is an excellent way to stimulate their intellect.

Studies show that the more you stimulate the curiosity of your dog and give them puzzles that they can quickly solve the more your dog will be willing to learn.

Top 10 Puzzle Toys for Dogs

1. Nina Ottosson’s Interactive Dog Toy

This toy can be a bit tricky for more seasoned and sharp dogs. The primary goal of the game is to hide a treat within the toy, then have the dog retrieve the treat by working its way through the puzzle.

This provides mental stimulation, the pursuit of his treat and a feeling of accomplishment for the dog. Nina Ottosson’s Interactive Dog Toy has been said to help dogs in multi-tasking, improve IQ and curb behavior issues.

Also, if your dog decides to view this toy as a chew toy instead of a puzzle one, it’s made of a durable material that is not likely to break with minimal pressure.

Nina Ottosson’s Interactive Dog Toy

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– Perfect brain stimulation for the dog

– Adjustable difficulties

– Provides the dog with hours of entertainment

– Suitable for all dog breeds and ages

– No set up required the toy is ready to use


– For smarter dogs, this may seem too easy, and they may get bored quickly

– Some dogs only need a few minutes to play

2. StarMark Bob-A-Lot Dog Toys

This is a very interactive dog toy that acts as an avenue for the dog to pursuit their treats. The surface area of the base of the toy is large enough to hold up to three cups of food or treats.

It’s a great puzzle toy that ensures your dog stays motivated and active especially when left alone for a couple of hours.

StarMark Bob-A-Lot dog toy ensures that you dog stays away from any destructive or nuisance behaviors.

The opening can be adjusted to either increase or decrease difficulty. The bottom is anti-slip to keep the toy from rocketing across the floor.


– Has adjustable difficulty levels

– Perfect for any dog size

– Adjustable openings


– Not possible to clean the inside of this toy

3. Omega Paw Tricky Treat Ball

This toy will provide entertainment for your best friend for hours, and he will not get bored. All you will have to do is put your dog’s favorite treats in the toy.

This will make your dog try to figure out how to get the treats hence improving its IQ.


– Easy to fill

– Provides your dog with hours of entertainment

– Soft surface makes it easy to grip


– Some dogs are not interested in the design

– Not possible to clean inside of the toy

4. Classic Kong

Classic Kong has for long been the best-selling dog puzzle toy. Its success is evident in the thousands of reviews left by happy dog owners.

It’s a good beginner puzzle toy to help your dog use its problem-solving skills. Classic Kong is made from a strong and durable materials that can withstand strong chewers. Price is in the range of cheap dog toys.

The toy is available in six different sizes, so it’s simple to find a perfect size for your dog. Fill it with food and treats and let your dog figure out how to get it all.


– Recommended by Veterinary. Classic Kong is vet recommended for keeping your dog engaged and happy.

– Very durable

– Perfect if you want to introduce your dog to dog puzzle toys


– Some dogs can reject this toy due to the smell of the material it’s made from.

5. ZippyPaws Burrow Squeaky Hide and Seek Plush Dog Toy

For your happy hunter, this toy is a great company. Dogs love burying their noses into this toys for hours of entertainment.

Simply, hide one, two or three of the squeaky dogs included in the toy, and this interactive toy will challenge your pet as he works to dig them out.


– Suitable for small and medium sized dogs

– Provides entertainment to the dog for hours


– Needs close supervision due to small numbers of toys

– Not very durable.

6. Trixie Dog Activity Chess

The Trixie Dog Activity chess is a dog puzzle toy that offers different levels of difficulty for your dog within a single game. It features three difficulty levels that can be randomized or adjusted each time.

This toy requires the dog to use its mouth, nose, and paws to lift and shift pieces. Trixie Dog Activity Chess will keep your dog occupied and entertained for hours.


– This toy is easy to clean

– The non-slip rubber that enables your dog to nudge and push the toy without necessarily sliding around or toppling over.

– Multiple different settings


– May require some initial teachings for the dog.

7. West Paw Toppl

The West Paw Toppl does it all. The inner ridges of the toy carry treats while the toy tips over making sure that your dog has optimum fun.

It’s best suited for all dogs- small, medium, larger or intelligent ones. Just like all toys from West Paw design, Toppl is durable, recyclable, safe to chew and long lasting.

Simply, stuff your pet’s favorite treats into the cavity and allow your dog to do the rest. This toy is non-toxic, it is pliable and bounces around. It’s a great toy for keeping your dog occupied for hours.


– Easy to clean

– Non-toxic

– Long lasting

– Safe to chew


– The dog needs supervision so as not to chew the Toppl once it’s done with the treats.

8. Dog Magic Puzzle By Nina Ottosson

This is quite a simple game that only requires your dog to lift the bones so as to get hidden treats. To win the game, your pet can use its mouth, nose, feet and brain to win the game.

This game is a good start for dog owners who would like to introduce their pets to puzzle games. What is even better with this toy is that the difficulty levels can be adjusted to keep your dog more motivated.

Just in case the game gets too hard for your dog, you can simplify it. To make that happen, you can utilize the hole in the middle of each bone and a string.


– Durable

– Easy to clean

– Each dog can be used at varying degree of difficulty

– Best for dogs all sizes and ages


– The dog may become bored if it gets too accustomed to it

9. PetSafe Busy Tug-A-Jug

PetSafe Busy Tug-A-Jug is a non-toxic, rubber and plastic dog puzzle toy that comes with a multi-sensory appeal which is ideal for keeping your dog motivated to play.

It has a unique design that does provoke your pet’s sight, sound and smell senses as treats roll down in the jug. Moreover, the Busy Buddy Tag-A-Jug can also be used for obedience training and feeding meals.

The only thing you will have to remember is to make sure that the treats are small enough to come out the hole. Otherwise, your dog will eventually become bored.


– Allows the dog to hear, see and smell treats

– Durable material that can withstand prolonged play

– Clear base that can be filled with treats or kibble


– For a smart dog, it will take it a very short time to empty

10. Kong Wobbler Dog Food and Treat Dispenser

Just its name suggests, this is a fancy Kong-shaped toy and feeder for your pets.

This toy dispense treats as your pet plays with it. It’s a good dog puzzle toy for keeping your dog engaged for hours.


– Easy filling dispenser

– Long hours playing phase

– Amusing Wobble action

– Prevents rapid eating


– Some smarter dogs only need a few minutes to play.

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